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Water Puck

Price: $17.75

This water kit gives you everything you need to collect, transport, filter, purify, and drink potable water.

  • 1 ea bottle Water purification tablets, Potable aqua brand. 50 ea tablets treats 25 quarts, 6-1/4 gallons (23.6 liter).
  • 2 ea Water pre-filters packed in re-sealable waterproof bag.
  • 1 ea Water pouch. 16 oz (1/2 quart) (473 ml) heavy duty self-standing food grade water pouch with marked fill-line and use instructions.
  • 1 ea Drinking tube. 12 inch food grade silicone in re-sealable waterproof bag.
  • 1 ea Aluminum foil. 10 inch x 10.75 inch (.75 sq ft) sheet.
  • 1 ea Container. Knurled screw-on lid with waterproof seal and waterproof labels. Lid is a serviceable signal mirror with seal removed. Drawn construction 5000 series aluminum. 3 ¼ inch diameter x 1 1/16 inch height (82 mm x 27 mm), 100 ml capacity.

Water purification tablets. Portable Aqua is the most trusted brand of water purification tablets - they are widely used and proven by the military. One bottle of 50 iodine-based water purification tablets purifies over 6 gallons of drinking water. Sealed bottles of Potable Aqua tablets remain effective up to four years when maintained under controlled temperatures between 60 and 86 °F (15 to 30 °C). Exposure to heat, humidity, moisture, and air reduces the effectiveness of the tablets. We recommend that an opened bottle not be kept for more than one year. Keep the cap tightly sealed between uses. In the field, check the color of the tablets to determine if they are still effective. Tablets which are gray or dark brown in color are still likely to be effective. Tablets which are light green or yellow are probably no longer effective. The tablets are very sensitive to moisture. Take care that moisture does not get inside the Potable Aqua bottle.

Water pouch. This self-standing, food-grade, sealable pouch holds 16 oz (1/2 quart) of water. The pouch is marked with a fill line and instructions. Use 1 Portable Aqua tablet per pouch of water.

Pre-filters. Use pre-filters to remove solids as small as 20 microns. Pre-filtering removes a portion of the bio-solids which makes the purification process more effective. The filters can be reused. Filters are packed in a waterproof re-sealable poly bag.

Silicone tubing. Use tubing to drink the water from the pouch and to drink water from areas that cannot be otherwise accessed.


Aluminum foil. Use aluminum foil for solar water purification. We cannot recommend this method and include it for informational purposes only. Place the water-filled sealed pouch in the sun for several hours using the aluminum foil as a reflector. The heat and UV radiation are a generally effective means of purifying water.


The Puck-shaped water kit container. Use the puck to collect and pour non- potable water thru the filter into the bag. Use the lid to collect water as shallow as ¾ inch. The container is made of drawn aluminum with a sealed screw top lid (not a slip off lid). The lid is knurled for gripping. The rounded edges make it comfortable in a pocket or pack. The top label has graphics and text to identify it in high stress situation and the bottom label lists the contents and warnings. Both top and bottom labels are waterproof making them easy to ready even when wet. The lid makes a serviceable signal mirror with the seal removed. The Water Puck is tamper-sealed so you can be assured it has not been opened when you receive it.


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