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Fire Puck

Price: $15.25

This compact kit makes fire. We looked at many different and viable ways to make fire - including lighters, matches, steel, flint, and more. All have pros and cons. We always came back to the Bic lighters. Virtually everyone is familiar with and knows how to use a Bic lighter. It easily produces a constant flame for as long as needed. A flint produces very hot sparks but only for an instant - so they require special tinder. About 8 waterproof matches take up the same space in the kit as one Bic lighter. The Bic will supply up to 1400 lights; the matches 8 lights. The choice was clear.


Because this kit includes a lighter, the law requires purchasers be at least 18 years of age. By purchasing this product you affirm you are at least18 years old.

  •  2 ea Lighters, Bic brand J-25 mini. Up to 1,400 lights per lighter. Packed in waterproof sealable bag, child resistant, conforms ISO 9994, colors vary.
  • 12 ea Solid fuel tablets, 4 grams each, Esbit brand. In re-sealable waterproof bags.
  • 2 ea Aluminum foil. 10 inch x 10.75 inch sheet (1.50 sq ft).
  • 1 ea Steel bar grate
  • 1 ea Container. Knurled screw-on lid with waterproof seal and waterproof labels. Lid is a serviceable signal mirror with seal removed. Drawn construction 5000 series aluminum. 3 ¼ inch diameter x 1 1/16 inch height (82 mm x 27 mm), 100 ml capacity.

Lighters. Each Bic mini-lighter supplies up to 1,400 lights and produces a constant flame well over 2,000 degrees F for as long as you need. If the lighter is very cold (below freezing) put the lighter in a pocket close to your body to warm it. This will warm the liquid fuel in the lighter so that it will vaporize and light. The lighter will not work when wet. For this reason we include two lighters, each in its own waterproof re-sealable bag. If it gets wet it will work again after it dries out. We use Bic lighters for their safety and reliability.

Solid fuel tablets. Tinder is required to light a campfire. Tinder is any material that is easy to light and will produce a hot enough flame long enough to start other materials on fire. We considered and tested many types of tinder. Esbit Brand solid fuel tablets are the original German-made tablets and a clear favorite among backpackers because they supply a large amount of heat in a compact tablet. They are virtually smokeless and odorless, and do not liquefy while burning, One tablet will burn at 1,400 degrees F for about four minutes. This is hot enough and long enough to light damp wood or heat a cup of water. The burn time can be greatly extended if three sides of the tablet are enclosed with the aluminum foil supplied with the Fire Puck.

Bar grate. Although this kit is not meant to serve as a stove we include a simple horseshoe-shaped grate so that a container can be heated over a fuel tablet. Also use the bar grate as a wind break when starting a fire.

Aluminum foil. Among the many uses for foil, you can use it to start a fire on snow or wet ground, as a windbreak, and a heat reflector.


The Puck-shaped fire kit container is made of drawn aluminum with a sealed screw top lid (not a slip off lid). The lid is knurled for gripping. The rounded edges make it comfortable in a pocket or pack. The top label has graphics and text to identify it in high stress situation and the bottom label lists the contents and warnings. Both top and bottom labels are waterproof making them easy to ready even when wet. The lid makes a serviceable signal mirror with the seal removed. The Fire Puck is tamper-sealed so you can be assured it has not been opened when you receive it.


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