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First Aid Puck

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The first aid kit is filled with a useful range of first aid items in a compact container. As with the whole series of Survival Pucks, it was a challenge deciding what items to leave in and what to leave out of the First Aid Puck. Most compact first aid kits include bandages in all shapes and sizes. While a ton of bandages may look impressive we limited the number and variety of bandages in order to include tweezers a knife blade, mole skin, ointments and other necessities for a more comprehensive kit. The bandages in this First Aid puck are of higher quality than those found in other kits.


  • 4 ea Waterproof bandages. 1 inch x 3 inch sterile elastic adhesive strip latex-free bandages by American white cross.
  • 4 ea Waterproof butterfly wound closures. Sterile, latex-free medium-size, by American White Cross.
  • 4 ea Alcohol prep wipes
  • 3 ea Cotton tip swabs in waterproof re-sealable bag.
  • 2 ea Sterile gauze pads. Individually wrapped, 2 inch x 2 inch by Hart Health.
  • 2 ea Latex exam gloves, Curad®. Powder-free, size medium, excellent barrier properties.
  • 2 ea Safety pins, 2 inch, in waterproof re-sealable bag.
  • 1 ea Roll adhesive tape, 1/2 inch X 2.5 yards, latex-free by Hart Health.
  • 1 ea Moleskin. 2 inch x 3 inch genuine moleskin.
  • 1 ea Extra strength pain reliever, Exaprin, by Hart Health; compares to Pain-Aid and Excedrin Extra Strength.
  • 1 ea Triple antibiotic ointment by Hart Health; compares to Neosporin.
  • 1 ea First aid antibiotic cream by Hart Health.
  • 1 ea Topical anesthetic burn cream by Hart Health.
  • 1 ea Anti-Itch cream, 1% hydrocortisone by Hart Health.
  • 1 ea Metal tweezers in waterproof re-sealable bag.
  • 1 ea Utility knife blade single edge .025 thickness.
  • 1 ea Container. Knurled screw-on lid with waterproof seal and waterproof labels. Lid is a serviceable signal mirror with seal removed. Drawn construction 5000 series aluminum. 3 ¼ inch diameter x 1 1/16 inch height (82 mm x 27 mm), 100 ml capacity.


The Puck-shaped first aid kit container is made of drawn aluminum with a sealed screw top lid (not a slip off lid). The lid is knurled for gripping. The rounded edges make it comfortable in a pocket or pack. The top label has graphics and text to identify it in high stress situation and the bottom label lists the contents and warnings. Both top and bottom labels are waterproof making them easy to ready even when wet. The lid makes a serviceable signal mirror with the seal removed. The First Aid Puck is tamper-sealed so you can be assured it has not been opened when you receive it.


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