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Essentials Puck

Price: $15.75

The essentials puck contains the bare essentials for survival in a compact, waterproof container that will easily fit almost anywhere. See below for a detailed description, uses, and purpose of each item.


Because this kit includes a lighter, the law requires purchasers be at least 18 years of age. By purchasing this product you affirm you are at least 18 years old.

  • Lock-Blade Folding Knife. Serrated 440 stainless steel blade measures 4 ¼"open, black nylon handle with chain.
  • LED Mini flashlight. Bright 14,000 mcd bulb focused in 20 degree center spot beam and 115 degree area illumination beam. Includes batteries with 20-hour life. (Uses battery #CR2016.) Squeeze for momentary on or switch on for hands-free constant-on. On a key ring.
  • Lighter. Bic brand J-25 mini; up to 1400 lights. Child resistant. Conforms ISO 9994. Packed in waterproof, re-sealable bag, colors vary.
  • Signal Whistle. Pea style, very loud, piercing tone, orange on a key ring.
  • Magnetic Compass. 3/4 inch diameter, accurate to 5 degrees, easy to read.
  • Duct Tape. 72 inch x 3/4 inch, 3M brand, wrapped around a steel band.
  • Aluminum Wire. 24 inch x 14 gauge, mill finish, semi-hard.
  • Paracord. 72 inches, 550 lbs strength, green, genuine paracord.
  • Pencil. Golf style.
  • Paper. 10 sheets, 1 ½ inch x 2 inch sticky note type, packed in waterproof re-sealable bag with pencil.
  • Safety Pin. 2 inch.
  • Aluminum Foil. 10 inch x 10.75 inch (.75 sq ft) sheet
  • Container. Knurled screw-on lid with waterproof seal and waterproof labels. Lid is a serviceable signal mirror with seal removed. Drawn construction 5000 series aluminum. 3 ¼ inch diameter x 1 1/16 inch height (82 mm x 27 mm), 100 ml capacity.


The essentials kit is filled with essential, must-have items for survival situations. We avoided fad-type items and concentrated on items everyone can understand and easily use.


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Knife.  Arguably number one on the essentials list. We looked at razor blades, utility knife blades and folding type knives. Razor blades and utility knife blades are hard to hold and difficult to carry without cutting yourself or dulling the blade, folding knifes are fine as long as you remember that they can fold right up on your hand for a nasty cut if you are not used to handling one. We selected a compact lock-blade folding knife that can't fold up unless you want it too. It has a nylon handle and a partially serrated stainless steel blade.  

Lighter. For fire this kit includes a Bic brand lighter not a flint type device or waterproof matches. This lighter is good for up to 1,400 lights. After years of hunting, hiking, and camping in all conditions, I never needed a flint if I had a Bic lighter. If the lighter gets wet it will work again once dry so, as an extra precaution, your lighter is packed in a waterproof re-sealable poly bag. It won’t work if it gets too cold - so in freezing temperatures warm your Bic in a pocket near your body and it will light right up.

Flashlight. On this planet its dark 50% of the time and the bowels of a building can be as dark as a tomb without power. We supply a surprisingly bright LED flashlight in our kit for up to 20 hours of light when you need it. Glow sticks are better than nothing but once activated the clock starts and you can't turn them off. What if you’re trapped for a couple days in a collapsed building?  A few hours of glow stick aren't much help. What if you're hiding out? A glow stick is a great signal for marauders that you can't turn off. You'll want a dependable flashlight - you've got one in this kit.

Whistle.  A no brainer - great for signaling rescuers or your group. The pea style whistle in this kit is very loud and very shrill. We considered combination whistle/ compass/ match holders and avoided them for two reasons. Lose or break one of the combo units and you have lost two or three tools you need. Second, you may be with others and the ability to share different tools with those people is important.

Compass. The most basic and reliable navigation tool. GPS technology has made a compass all but forgotten in our society but when a solar flare knocks out the GPS satellites or the charge in you GPS is gone this compact button compass will keep you going in a straight line. We check each one for accuracy.

Duct tape has to rank as one of the most versatile inventions ever, from repairing shoes to wrapping a wound, the list of things it can do is only limited by your imagination. It's no surprise that duct tape is a staple item of a survival pack. Many kits supply the duct tape in its standard 2 inch width, most of the time something narrower is really what you need. You'll get 72 inches of 3/4 inch wide high quality 3M brand duct tape. We wind it on a steel band so you can use every bit of it.

Paracord is a close second to duct tape when it comes to usefulness; all good survival kits include genuine paracord. The most common type of paracord sold is Type III paracord: it has a 550 lb breaking strength thanks to 7 individual yarns (smaller cords) encased in a finely woven outer shell. This makes it smooth, easy to handle, and able to hold knots well. The added bonus is that the inner cords can be removed and used for sewing, boot laces, fishing line, etc. You get 72 inches of American-made Type III paracord. Remove the inner cords for 48 feet of usable cordage. (Beware, some of what’s sold online as paracord is not genuine paracord.)

Wire. Have you heard the phrase "held together with bailing wire"? Before duct tape, wire performed many of the same tasks. Wire still has its place - its stiff, holds its shape, stands up to heat and resists abrasion much better them cord. You'll get 24 inches of bare aluminum wire. Aluminum because it won't rust and it’s easy to bend by hand. To cut simply score the wire with the serrated part of the knife then bending it back and forth a few times until it breaks.

Aluminum foil (sometimes referred to tin foil; but it is aluminum). Aluminum foil is surprisingly useful: wrap food for storage, transport or cooking; make it into a cup for drinking or boiling water; make a funnel; make windbreak for a candle; use it to start a fire on top of snow or wet ground, etc. You get a 12 inch x 10 ¾ sheet.

Pencil and paper. This is one that you might not think about but when the cell phones internet and texting stops working, these could be life saver. For example, you have to abandon your car after a natural disaster, a simple note that says, who you are, where your going, when you left, could be game changer. We supply 10 little sticky note type sheets along with a little pencil that you can re-sharpen with the knife. Both in a water proof, re-sealable poly bag.


The Puck-shaped survival kit container is made of drawn aluminum with a sealed screw top lid (not a slip off lid). The lid is knurled for gripping. The rounded edges make it comfortable in a pocket or pack. The top label has graphics and text to identify it in high stress situation and the bottom label lists the contents and warnings. Both top and bottom labels are waterproof making them easy to read even when wet. The lid makes a serviceable signal mirror with the seal removed. The Survival Puck is tamper-sealed so you can be assured it has not been opened when you receive it.

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