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Here's what people are saying about Survival Pucks compact emergency kits.


"Picked up an Essentials puck the other day to keep in my pickup. I live in rural Washington and do a lot of camping and hiking in the mountains. I was impressed by the number of useful items packed into such a small, light-weight package!

"It's comforting to know that I have all of those tools at my disposal when I'm many miles from civilization. It's so easy to toss that puck in my pack when I head out for a hike because of its small size. It basically takes up no room in the pack! Congratulations on putting together such a nice package for a very reasonable price! Can't wait to see what your other puck products have to offer!"

R. F. Queen
Hiking and camping enthusiast
Enumclaw, WA


Filled with Life-Saving Items

"I was introduced to Survival Pucks a couple of weeks ago, this is really neat. I am always trying to make sure that I have the wife and I covered in case of an emergency such as, being stranded, floods, earthquake etc. So I have survival back packs in all my rigs and at home. After reviewing the survival puck I have noticed that it has quite few items that I do not have in the backpacks. I also realized that I never thought about some of these items for the backpack (such as compass, whistle, rope-string etc.) This is truly a neat little unit that holds quite a few items that could save your life at some point in time. I highly suggest that if you have not planned for an emergency, this is a great way to start."

Will B.
Manufacturer and rifleman


Lightweight and Comforting to Have On the Trail

"As a relatively fair weather hiker or as we refer to such folk in my homeland of Britain, "ramblers" - I found your product offers some significant reassurance for my future hiking plans without being over burdensome. While I have neither the expertise or immediate desire to tackle large climbs or hikes, the puck was certainly a comforting emergency tool to have along for those more mediocre routes. It also fit very snuggly into my pocket on the way up and was not even noticeable in my backpack on the way down."

Andrew W.
Researcher, hiker, and fishing enthusiast
Seattle, WA


Survival Puck is an Essential in My Backpack

"I am a seasoned hiker, but not hardcore and I've recently received the #1 Essentials Survival Puck as a gift. What a great idea, not only for the backpack, but for the glove compartment as well. I liked its compact size and that it fits nicely just about anywhere. All the essentials are there in case of emergency. It definitely will be an essential in my backpack."

Happy Trails,
Carmen K.
Omak, WA


One for Daughter and One for Mom

"I gave my daughter the essentials Survival Puck to carry with her when hiking. She is an occasional hiker and doesn't own a lot of gear. This was the perfect fit for her. It is inexpensive but contains elements necessary should she get lost or find herself in a bad spot. She can simply toss it in her bag, or even a jacket pocket. I think it would also be great for skiers and snowboarders who go to remote areas. They would have a lot of survival tools and never feel burdened by carrying them.

"I will be purchasing another Survival Puck to carry in my glove compartment. You never know when you might run into trouble and I want to be prepared. The Survival Puck is a great product! Thanks so much!"

Colleen J.
IT specialist
Puyallup, WA


Provides Peace-of-Mind for Wildlife Conservation Professional

"My love of the outdoors is no secret, and I was thrilled to have recently received an "Essentials" Survival Puck as a gift. I was even more thrilled to learn that there were additional types of Survival Pucks, and immediately purchased "Fire" and "Water" Pucks to add to my emergency preparedness kit. Their size is perfect - small enough to easily fit all three in my day-hike backpack, without having to sacrifice other important essentials. I work in wildlife conservation, and the peace of mind the pucks bring while working and playing outdoors is immeasurable."

Rachael M.
Conservation professional and hiking enthusiast
Puyallup, WA


Get Survival Pucks for yourself and your loved ones now. Toss them in a purse, desk, glove box, backpack, or bug-out-bag. Being prepared can turn an emergency into an inconvenience instead of a survival situation.

emergency water purification kit for hikers


"…the peace of mind the pucks bring while working and playing outdoors is immeasurable."
At just 4oz it’s easy for Trigger to bring an emergency kit in case of an accident out on the trail.
At just 4oz it's easy for Trigger to bring
an emergency kit in case of an accident
out on the trail.
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