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Compact Emergency Survival Kits
Emergency Gear at Your Fingertips When You Need It

Survival Pucks are the newest invention in emergency preparedness: each compact survival kit is filled with carefully selected items for a specific type of emergency. Prepare for the emergencies you’re most likely to face while away from home.

  • Stash a Light puck in your desk drawer in case of a power outage at work.
  • Tuck an Essentials puck in your glove box in case your car breaks down.
  • Toss the Water and Fire pucks in your backpack to purify drinking water and start a fire for warmth if you're stranded.
  • Pop the First Aid and Medicine pucks in your tackle box in case of an injury or illness.

With Survival Pucks, you and your loved ones will have compact emergency survival kits within reach the moment they're needed - at work, on the road, running errands, on a hike, out fishing, or gone camping. Stash these compact emergency survival kits in your pocket, purse, desk drawer, glove box, backpack, tackle box - you name it!

Survival Pucks make it easy to be prepared when an emergency strikes.

  • Affordable - at only $13 to $18 each you can stash them where you need them: at work, in your car, purse, briefcase, backpack, or tackle box.
  • Compact - each "puck" is just over 3 inches across so you can easily stow them in your vehicles, where you work, and where you play.
  • Light-weight - each weighs less than 4 oz. so they are feather-light wherever you put them.
  • Durable - they're built to bounce around the bottom of your pack or tackle box and be in top shape the moment you need them. The aluminum case is waterproof, puncture, tear, and crush resistant so the contents are protected and ready-to-use even in wet and rough conditions.
  • Easy-to-use - all the tools and supplies are practical and easy to use. (The last thing anyone wants to do in an emergency is figure out how to use complicated survival gear!)
  • Dependable - from the case to the tools and supplies inside, every item is well-made, easy-to-use, and versatile.
  • Tamper sealed - assuring each kit is ready-to-use when you receive it.

After testing numerous containers we chose an aluminum canister that is slightly larger than a hockey puck - hence the name Survival Puck. The puck itself is made of drawn aluminum with a sealed screw top lid so it stays shut on the move, the lid is knurled for gripping, and has rounded edges for comfort in a pocket or backpack. Universal graphics on the top label make each puck easy to identify in high stress situations. The bottom label lists the contents and warnings. Top and bottom labels are waterproof - so no matter what the conditions the puck labels are easy to read.

Shipping Within the Continental United States Only

Several survival pucks include materials (lighters or fire starters) that can only be sent by standard US mail. For this reason all Survival Pucks are shipped by ground. We ship to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. Since Survival Pucks are shipped via ground please allow extra time to receive your order.

When An Emergency Strikes Ensure You and Your Loved Ones Are Prepared

Get your compact emergency kits now.

Peace of mind on back roads and wilderness trails.
Peace of mind on back roads and wilderness trails.

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